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San Antonio Spurs Baseline Bums

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Legal Type Stuff --Bylaws

Legal Type Stuff - Bum-Laws



Bums History



The Baseline Bums have been the constant support group of the Spurs team throughout the franchises 30 year history. Win or lose this group of 180+  members are going to support the Spurs.



The Baseline Bums are sponsored by the San Antonio Spurs, and their support extends off the court a well. They extend a helping hand to local charities, including   National Hispanic Scholarship Fund. The Bums also help out in charity functions such as,  the Spurs Foundation golf tournament, Fan Fiesta, Jimeniz Thanksgiving dinner, SAMM Shelter, Carver Academy.




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The Baseline Bums

2010-2011 By-Laws

It is the mission of the Baseline Bums to voluntarily and enthusiastically support the San Antonio Spurs Organization on the court and in the community while applying the Spurs’ Values in Action.


�� A member in good standing will abide by the requirements set forth in the Annual Membership Agreement as presented by the Board and the Spurs Organization.


�� The Annual Pre-season informational meeting and Mid-term meeting will be announced at least two weeks in advance of the meetings via email, newsletter and hotline. Attendance at one of the two scheduled Annual Pre-season informational meetings is strongly encouraged.

�� If a special meeting is required, members will be notified at least one week prior to the meeting of the time, date, location and purpose of the meeting.


�� Officers of the organization are responsible for the business management of the organization. Upon succession of office, officer will transfer records to his [her] successor.

�� All officers (board members) will be elected by vote of the membership.

�� Officer Positions shall include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director of Volunteer Activities.

�� Officers will be members in good standing and full season ticket holders (not a seat sharer).

�� A person running for office shall have three years of membership in good standing, or 2 years if at least one of the years was as a Section Leader.

OFFICER TERM LIMITS (To become effective 2008/09 Season):

�� All officers shall be elected for a term of two years.

�� An officer may serve no more than (2) consecutive terms (4 years) in the same position, and

�� No more than four (4) consecutive terms (8 years) in any combination of officer positions.



�� A member may volunteer to be a Section Leader by submitting his [her] name to the Board.

�� Section Leaders are approved by the Board.

�� A Section Leader’s role is to communicate and coordinate information to Members in their appointed section areas and maintain records of members’ volunteer hours.

�� Each Section will have at least one Section Leader; the current Sections are 101, 127, 128A, and 128B.

�� Section Leaders will be members in good standing and full season ticket holders (not a seat sharer).


�� All business brought before the officers shall be decided by majority vote. Three members shall constitute a quorum.

�� Section Leaders have a voice with the board and can attend board meetings, but will not have a vote for board decisions.

�� Board meeting minutes will be published and made available to the membership.

�� Organization financials will be made available to any member upon request.

�� Any member may request through their Section Leader to be added to a Board meeting agenda.


�� President, Director of Volunteer Activities, and Treasurer are elected in even numbered years. Vice-President and Secretary are elected in odd-numbered years.

�� Officer nominations are made during January and February of Election year (Officer Nominees have the right to decline the nomination).

�� Election ballots will be distributed within the first two weeks of March, to be returned to Section Leaders by the last home game in March.

�� Ballots will be counted and recorded independently by a representative of the Spurs organization and at least one officer who is not under consideration for re-election.

�� The Officers assume their duties on the first day of July of the term period.

�� A Baseline Bum may not hold two offices concurrently or run for two offices simultaneously.

�� An officer serving an unexpired term who desires to accept a nomination for the current election must resign his [her] current office effective the first day of July. The vacated office will be added to the current election for the unexpired portion of the term. If no nomination is accepted for the shortened term, the remaining Officers can appoint someone to fill the vacated position.


�� Elections and issues put to vote will be decided by simple majority of membership votes cast.

�� Each member in good standing shall have one vote regardless of the number of seats in his/her account



�� Committees will be established by the Board as need arises, with Members given notice and an opportunity to volunteer to serve.


�� Annual Membership renewal is based on fulfilling the requirements set forth by the By-Laws, Membership Agreement, and Member conduct.

�� Conduct deemed inappropriate may result in termination from the Baseline Bums Organization.

�� Termination of membership shall be considered on a case by case basis, and requires the vote of 3 officers or at the discretion of the Spurs organization.

�� A member must be notified in writing 10 days prior to the vote on the proposed termination.


�� Upon dissolution of this organization, all of its assets remaining after payment of all costs and expenses of such dissolution shall be distributed to charity, and none of the assets will be distributed to any member or officer of this organization.


�� Any member may propose amendments to By-laws. Any proposed amendment shall be presented in writing to the Board or Section Leader.

�� The Board will provide, in writing to the membership, the proposed amendments at least 10 days prior to the vote.

�� Amendments will only be discussed and voted on at the mid-season meetings and/or by special meeting as and if needed.

�� A simple majority of votes cast is required for an amendment to pass.