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San Antonio Spurs Baseline Bums

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Membership Information--Part 1

Join the most prestious  and unique Basketball cheerleading group in the country--The Baseline Bums.
Email us at

The Baseline Bums are the premier fan/volunteer support organization for the San Antonio Spurs.


What does it take to be a Baseline Bum?


We will ask you to submit an application for membership, which you may give to a Bum on the membership committee ,or you can mail it to the following address:


The San Antonio Spurs

ATTN:  The Baseline Bums

One AT&T Center

San Antonio, TX  78219


A member of the membership committee will contact you to schedule an interview.


If you are selected for membership, you will be contacted by a member of the Spurs organization to select your seat(s) , in one of the Bums sections (101, 127, or 128) and make payment arrangements for your season tickets.  All Baseline Bums are season ticket holders.


We pay annual dues of $35 per person.  Our dues pay for our holiday party and annual picnic as well as other operating expenses of the organization.


We do volunteer work as requested by the Spurs; a minimum of 25 hours per Bum.  If sharing a seat, there is a minimum of 30 volunteer hours, (15 hours per seat partner). 


In addition to the 25 hours,per Bum, of volunteer service, each Bum is responsible for participating in any Bums fund-raiser during the year. 


Each Bum is issued a shirt that must be worn at each game.  The shirts are issued per seat rather than per person.  Additional shirts may be purchased by Bums who are sharing seats.  Bums are responsible for ensuring anyone sitting in his/her seat wears a Bums shirt.


No more than three individuals may share one seat.  To be considered a Bum in good standing, you must attend 1/3 of the scheduled home games which equals 15 games a season. 


Each Seat sharer must pay dues, wear the Bums shirt at all games, and complete 15 hours of Spurs sanctioned volunteer work.


We attend scheduled mandatory meetings at the beginning and midpoint of each season.


Being a Baseline Bum does not grant us special privileges or access to Spurs players, family members, or staff. 


It is the responsibility of every Bum to ensure that anyone who sits in his/her seat is a San Antonio Spurs Fan and is wearing a Bums shirt! 


More importantly, being a Baseline Bum means being a Spurs fan and always cheering and encouraging our guys even when they may be struggling.


For more information on the Baseline Bums, please ask a member of the Baseline Bums Membership Committee or visit our web site:


If you are interested in applying for Membership download the Membership application by clicking the link below.


click here to download file



NBA Fan rules Click here

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