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San Antonio Spurs Baseline Bums

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Bums Game Ticket Exchange

This page is be used to post contact information for Bums who have tickets available for sale for upcoming Spurs Games. 
All arrangements are between Buyer and Seller and the Bums accept no responsibility for mistakes or problems between the parties involved.
If you wish to post information please contact your SL at least 1 week before the game you are trying to sell tickets for and provide them with contact information, ticket information and price information.
Selling Tickets : Bum ticket sale price is $46.35 .

Debi George is selling her ticket (101-31-4) to the game on Monday 3/21, against Golden State for $44.00.  If interested please contact Debi directly at 210-872-6192.

John Hardin (127-32-2) is selling his ticket to the game on Saturday, April 9th, against Utah.  If interested please contact John directly at 210-883-6030 or email


Are you looking for tickets ?

I will try to find you a ticket.

I am looking for tickets to the February 25th game against the Nets. Doesn't matter what section. And I need plenty if the Bums have them for sale as I have family coming into town and I want to treat them to a game.
Go Spurs Go!  Ray and Emily
Looking for 4 tickets to the February 27 game.  Let me know if anyone is selling tickets.
Thanks--Antonio G. Lopez---(210) 218-9747
Mel and Susan Allick are looking for tickets to the Feb 25th game.  If you can help them out please contact Susan at 210-421-5539.

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